Alev Kirazlı

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Dr. Alev Kirazli is a business professional with a strong background in the automotive industry. She was born and raised in Berlin, Germany where she completed her higher education. Alev completed her Bachelor (B.Sc.) and Master (M.Sc.) degree in Industrial Engineering, with an emphasis on Logistics, and Technology Assessment. 


Later, she worked at Volkswagen AG as an Industrial PhD, where she wrote her doctoral dissertation in the area of Industry 4.0 and Supply Chain Management. After a successful doctoral program, Alev continued her career in the field of Digitalization at Volkswagen AG, where she worked with strategic management topics in the areas of autonomous transport, open innovation and the implementation of the humanoid robot ‘Pepper’.  Since September 2018 she is working on autonomous driving products. 


On a personal front, Alev has had diverse cultural experiences through study abroad semesters in China and Turkey. She is an active member in different social impact clubs, and is passionate about long-distance running, tennis, and cross-fit as her hobbies.