Ercan Arslan

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Ercan ARSLAN is the founder, manager and invention specialist of NIOLENS which is a R&D company working on innovative 3-Dimensional Lighting Systems and realizes optical designs and inventions for LED sources since the year 2009.

After his B.Sc degree in Electronical Engineering he served as MW and antenna design engineer in various  global telecommunication companies.

He carries out research, development and innovation studies on the 3-Dimensional Lighting Systems and 2-Dimensional Linear Lighting since the year 2006 and also develops new generation LED lens types for the lighting sector.

His vision is to put to the service of human beings the most efficient, the highest quality, the most comfortable environment-friendly lighting of the world based on a new lighting system that would determine the  criteria of  ideal lighting by solving the existing conditions.

He expects that the use of  new generation 3D Lighting System and 2D Linear Lighting techniques in the headlamps of automobiles will have results creating a difference in the automotive sector.

Throughout his career he has developed inventions in the field of  new generation lighting and lighting optics as documented by the relevant  international patents.