Gurvinder Ahluwalia

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Gurvinder Singh Ahluwalia has stewarded the industry, clients, education, and open source communities through our recent waves of technology disruption from Internet to Web to Mobile to Cloud – and now to Blockchain. He is an expert in Blockchain, Internet of Things, and Cloud. His contribution to seminal proof in the use of Blockchain as a next generation architecture for IoT is widely shared and regarded in the industry. Guri’s current passion is to create protocols, use cases, marketplaces, and ventures motivated by blockchain, decentralized technologies, and crypto tokens to serve innovative societal and commercial relationships.

Gurvinder is the former CTO of IBM’s Blockchain | Cloud | IoT solutions unit covering North America. In this role, he was in the grass roots movement performing first of a kind experiments with Blockchain which culminated in a business unit, for IBM; and a vibrant open source community under the Linux Foundation, for the industry. Guri held key duties in IBM’s first infamously failed attempt and second resoundingly successful foray to Cloud Computing. His leadership to clients in North America market was pivotal in moving IBM as a cloud provider, coming from behind, to top three. Gurvinder’s marque and reference client outcomes include Everledger in London and American Airlines in Dallas.

Currently, Gurvinder Ahluwalia is the Founder & CEO of Digital Twin Labs based in Dallas. Digital Twin partners with enterprises and start-ups to co-create new business models, venture architecture, architecture blueprints, blockchain networks, and launch token-based venture formations. Digital Twin Labs has partnered with entities including BCG, IoT Asia, AT&T. Its major deployments include the global trade of diamond on the blockchain. Gurvinder is also Co-founder & Chief Strategy Officer of Beyond Protocol, Inc. based in Silicon Valley. Beyond Protocol is building an IoT protocol based on decentralized technology and crypto tokens to break new ground with an ethical language for machines. Both Digital Twin Labs & Beyond Protocol along with major global automotive logos are founding members of the Mobility Open Blockchain Initiative, a global mission in the automotive ecosystem to advance trust, transparency, and transactions through decentralized technology in the future of mobility and vehicles.

Guri’s distinguishing outcomes to global industry, clients, and companies include: first Blockchain use case natively on IoT shared with the industry as IBM’s paper Device Democracy – cited by Economist et al – and companion implementation proof through partnership with Samsung’s use cases; first production and first MVP for provenance and ethical supply chain of global diamond trade using Blockchain; launch of first ever ͞tablet͟ based on embedded Linux by a US OEM; and second largest deployment of a routed network in commercial world at the dawn of TCP/IP – the peer-to-peer original gangster!

Guri is a frequent speaker at events, including – #Davos, #Horasis, Stanford, US Federal Reserve, IoT Asia, AT&T, Google, MIT Media Lab, UC Berkeley Open Innovation, World Crypto Economic Forum, Interop, Institute for the Future, NIST, Samsung Dev Conference, IoT World, ARM Techcon, W3C.

Gurvinder earned an MBA from The University of Texas at Austin; and MS in Computer Science summa cum laude from Jackson State University. His graduate research is from Lawrence Berkeley National Lab & University of California Berkeley. Guri’s B.Sc. is from St. Stephen’s College at the University of Delhi.

Gurvinder Ahluwalia is an Honor Roll Inductee at the Cyber Future Foundation for his work in building a trusted cyberspace. He is also an alumnus of IBM Academy of Technology