Lukas Prskavec

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At CzechInvest, we have created a team of professionals from different fields whose mission is to assist automotive companies from all around the world during their investigation of business opportunities in the Czech Republic where automotive manufacturing, development, engineering and testing have a long tradition.

In the last 20 years, our automotive team helped hundreds of automotive companies to establish or expand their production plants and technology centres in the Czech Republic creating 250,000+ new jobs.

My role is to coordinate this team, be the first contact for companies considering investing in the Czech Republic and provide them with all necessary information.

Before joining CzechInvest, I worked several years as a project and account manager and spent two years in overseas.


The main objective of The Business and Investment Development Agency CzechInvest, is to advise and support existing and new entrepreneurs and foreign investors in the Czech Republic.

Business and Investment Development Agency CzechInvest, is an agency of the Ministry of Industry and Trade. Established in 1992, the agency contributes to attracting foreign investment and developing domestic companies through its services and development programmes. CzechInvest also promotes the Czech Republic abroad and acts as an intermediary between the EU and small and medium-sized enterprises in implementing structural funds in the Czech Republic.

CzechInvest is exclusively authorized to file applications for investment incentives at the competent governing bodies and prepares draft offers to grant investment incentives. Its task is also to provide potential investors current data and information on business climate, investment environment and investment opportunities in the Czech Republic.