Lyubomir Stanislavov

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Arch. Lyubomir Stanislavov has been working in the field of the automotive industry for many years now. In 2012 he was one of the founders of Automotive Cluster Bulgaria. In November 2015, he was chosen for Automotive Cluster Bulgaria’s Executive Director. In this capacity he works actively and promotes the entry of new investments in the automotive industry in Bulgaria. Moreover, he is maintaining excellent relations and active communication with government representatives and organisations and the automotive business.Many new foreign automotive manufacturers have entered the Bulgarian market in the last years. Regarding EU countries’segmentation, Bulgaria has been defined as a country to develop mechanical and automotive engineering (ОEМ, TIR 1).In addition to these activities, he was educated in architecture, and has a broad experience in the field. He has developed a number of large-scale projects, some of which for new industrial zones intended for specialised automotive purposes.