Michael Padmanathan

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Over two decades accelerating “disruptive technologies” and henceforth new business models in the banking, insurance, telecommunications, healthcare and online retail markets.

Michael has a rich attainment of pioneering disruptive business models in areas including the Mobile Internet, Mobile Payments, Network as a Service (NAAS), Big Data, Customer Experience, Artificial Intelligence and Compliant Remote Selling.

Extensive experience in driving market share for start-up organisations (including Phone.com, WaterCove Networks, Vizolution) and incumbents (including Alcatel, Openwave Systems, Xerox). Michael has advised companies including Vodafone, Amazon, Google, Humana, BT Infonet, HSBC and BNP Paribas to generate new revenue streams by deploying bleeding edge technology.

In 2006, Michael left his position as Vice-President of New Business Models at Telecoms incumbent Alcatel, to expand True Volunteer Foundation, a unique, award-winning, international Non-Governmental Organisation (NGO), which he founded in 2004.

Michael is passionate about the education system, creativity, sport, health and volunteering.