Moritz von Grotthuss

By 9 Ocak 2018 No Comments

Moritz von Grotthuss is a tech-nerd, innovation enthusiast, automobilist and entrepreneur. After some successful (but somehow boring) years in legal, sales and consultancy, he followed his heart and joined gestigon as a late founder and CEO in 2012.

Today he is responsible for the strategy of the company, his collection of frequent traveler cards, and most of the commercial stuff. gestigon has been working closely with the automotive industry since more than 5 years and demoed a number of behavior tracking solutions at different shows including CES, IAA and others. Moritz has been driving this strategy and the focus of gestigon to have an automotive DNA since day one.

Early 2017 gestigon was acquired by Valeo and is now a center piece of Valeo͛s Interior Cocoon strategy to further improve automotive safety and enable enhanced usability and user experience. Additionally to his job as CEO of ͚gestigon – a Valeo brand͛ he is part of the technology and startup scouting team of Valeo/corporate. Moritz is married, has kids and loves – if he is not working or at home – outdoor activities.