Osman Doğrucu

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An alumnus of Hacettepe University, Food Engineering, Osman Doğrucu has worked in especially the Retail Logistics sector for companies such as Pınar Et, Maret, Tescokipa, Reysaş for over 20 years and has played a role in the setting up and running of many distribution centres.

Doğrucu has contributed to many logistics oriented conferences such as the Cold Chain Conference, Lütfi Kırdar Supply Chain Conferences and the 2010 Berlin Supply Chain Conference(Consumer Goods Forum) as a speaker. Having conducted evaluations in many distribution centres in the UK, France, Slovakia, Hungary, South Korea and Poland, he has also built from scratch and managed for five years a Tescokipa distribution centre that was set on a 240,000 m2 land and was 50,000 m2 itself, where 550 employees worked and a daily average of 100,000 boxes were shipped to approximately 130 stores around the country, that has its own fleet and that cost $50 million in investments. Last year He consulted Samsun Logistics Center project.

Osman Doğrucu has improved upon his years of experience by joining the Izmir University of Economics as a lecturer in the Logistics Management Department conducting lessons on Warehouse Management and project management with MBA students. He continues to consult the department on industrial projects. He is also founder of www.depokirala.com – rent warehouse.