Roy Uhlmann

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As founder of Motor Ai, since 2017 Roy has taken his expertise in neural networks in artificial intelligence and developed AI-based rules and applications for the automotive industry. For its first product, Motor Ai has developed a technology that enables artificial intelligence to independently scale itself. The goal of Motor Ai is to take this technology and apply it to the area of mobility, thereby identifying the underlying patterns encoded in mobility.

Roy Uhlmann founded his first artificial intelligence company over ten years ago. As a successful serial entrepreneur, he has dedicated himself to building companies with data-driven business models in the semantic search, business intelligence, and programmatic advertising sectors.

Additionally, he is a member of the board for the Bundesverband Deutsche Startups, the national German startup association. He also serves as the Association’s coordinator for German Artificial Intelligence Startups. He has coauthored one book, “Webolution (Über-) Leben in der digitalen Welt”, with Clay Shirkey and Ray Kurzweil.