Leo Mühendislik

Leo Mühendislik was founded in 2015 with the goal of developing software, hardware and algorithm products towards autonomous vehicles. Leo Mühendislik essentially planned to develop systems within the company, but now it adopts a new strategy of developing integrated technologies in spin-off companies. The first example is the Voxel Sensing: an integrated systems company that delivers products to automotive, robotics and mapping industry customers, also to universities and research institutes.

Leo Mühendislik is involved in many funded R&D projects within the scope of ADAS and autonomy. Leo Mühendislik works directly with Turkish OEMs in ADAS and autonomy particularly from scene understanding, mapping and localization perspectives, also works on special projects in mobility with both national and international customers and partners.

Leo Mühendislik currently functions as single-point of contact in autonomous vehicles/ADAS projects in Turkey. It established strong connections to sensor manufacturers who build autonomy-enabling sensors (e.g. LiDARs, cameras, radars, GPS/INS systems). Eventually, Leo Mühendislik now represents more than 30 industry-leading companies in Turkish market.

With the accumulated know-how on how to select, use and integrate these sensors with application specific requirements in projects; alongside with all-technical employees with extensive knowledge even in edge cases; today we proudly serve all our customers in defence, aerospace, automotive, robotics and mapping – not only selling and delivering systems but also handpicking applicable sensors with providing utmost quality in system engineering.